Paul Collins

Some designers play it safe, preferring to simply dip a toe in the water, afraid to give their all for their clients. Then there's Paul Collins, who rides the crest of your project's wave and surfs the design WITH you. Your needs are HIS needs, and he never gives less than 100%. Frankly, he wouldn't have it any other way.

A seasoned world traveler and resident of six different countries on four continents, Paul comes to the design world with a truly global perspective.

So when we describe Paul Collins Design as an independent urban design studio, that's an accurate assessment. But PCD is also your gateway to truly inspired design sensibilities, informed by Paul's love of the world in all of its diversity and splendor.  

A born team player, Paul has over a decade of experience working for licensed design professionals in a number of areas, such as design, research, analysis, multi-disciplinary project coordination, document layout & editing, film, and music. His marketing instincts are flawless, because he likes people and he understands people.

Charismatic and friendly, Paul is an accomplished project manager who can contribute and execute design in multiple formats and media. He can also produce visualizations to suit your needs. Paul's too modest to say this himself, so we'll say it for him: he's like a Swiss army knife of design. But, you know, with better hair.

And when the project's over? "Easy come, easy go" is Paul's mantra. He's the designer you want when you need great design ideas, and you need them yesterday. He's your go-to design guru: cost-effective, energetic, and always in search of new design solutions.

When not working on his latest project, Paul enjoys soccer, longboard skateboarding, surfing, and live music. He lives in Queens with his amazing wife, who totally didn't insist that he use the word "amazing" to describe her. 



  • Masters of City Planning - 2008
  • Certificate in Urban Design - 2008


  • Bachelors of Science in Architecture - 2006